These pages capture the Garver household pets over several years. This page contains the pets from 2013.
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Max sniffing the flowers.
[A white and tan cat with a dark mark over his nose stands on a brick wall leaning in to sniff petunias.]

The pets really know how to nap!
From top to bottom are Weenie (Dachshund dog), Kiki (cat), and Chloe (Pomeranian dog).
[Photo taken through the window of a door of the snoozing animals. The cat lies on a padded cover while the dogs lie on the concrete patio.]

Took this through the window blinds of napping Chloe.
[Pomeranian is lying on the padded cover with her back against the brick wall. She has her paws curled around her head with one by her eye and the other under her chin.]

Kiki knows how to stretch!
[Cat is sleeping on its side on the padded cover with front and back legs completed stretched in opposite directions.]

Max prefers to snooze alone.
[Cat lying on the cement patio with his back against a brick wall with the front half of his body on his stomach (front paws outstretched) and the back half is on his side. Back legs seem to be resting naturally rather than outstretched like the other cat.]

Weenie woke when I tried to sneak in for the napping dog photo.
[Dachshund lying onthe padded cover with its head upright and looking at the camera.]

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