Pages 2 through 5 are the 2014 Garver household pets.
This page shows what pets do best: sleep.
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Kiki yawning.
[A white cat with brown splotches on its body is sitting up facing the camera and yawning widely. Its eyes are closed. Only the outer fangs are visible on the top while all bottom teeth, two fangs and the several teeth in between them, are visible.]

Kiki in the common cat sleeping position of an upside down head.
[Cat is lying with its upside-down head agains the armrest of a maroon velvet covered chair. One front paw covers its eyes while the other is bent resting on its chin .]

Even cats like pillows.
[Cat is lying on a bed with its head propped against a pillow. The bedspread and the pillow cover are long thin stripes in shades of brown.]

Kiki really knows how to relax.
[Cat is lying on a patio chair which is padded with a cushion cover with stripes in shades of brown and orange. The cat is completely stretched out on its side along the seat with its head toward the brown metal open side rail-arm of the chair. One paw hangs over the side of the chair.]

Most any position is comfortable for sleeping for a cat.
[In this top-down view the cat is lying on its back on the seat cushion with its back paws resting upward against the back cushion of the chair. Its front paws are lying off to the left side.]

When the dog isn't looking Kiki sleeps on her blanket.
[Side view of the cat sleeping on a bunched-up blanket which has a solid green side and an orange side with motorcycles. Its front paws are crossed.]

Chloe on the same blanket.
[Side view of the black and white Pomeranian curled on the same blanket. Its right front paw is curled around its head covering one eye.]

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