A variety of woodpeckers on this page except for red-bellied woodpeckers which are on the subsequent page.
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A pileated woodpecker.
[A medium-sized bird with a large red crest at the top of its head. The rest of its head has black and white stripes. There is a white line down its dark body. We see the left side of the bird as it is ready to peck the tree trunk.]

The head of a yellow-bellied sapsucker.
[The head and upper part of the body is visible above a tree branch. This bird has a large pointed black beak. It's body is a series of black and white stripes with a bit of red on the front of its head and under its beak.]

The back of a yellow-bellied sapsucker.
[The bird has its head turned to the right so its large bill is visible. The back coloring is black with patches of irregularly spaced white splotches. The sides of its white belly are partially visible.]

The downy woodpecker is one of the smaller woodpeckers.
[A small black and white bird. It has black and white stripes across its head with a small red patch on the back of the head. The tips of its wing feathers are white while the rest is black giving it a 'white-dotted' appearance. The tail is all black in the center with black-flecked white feathers on the outer parts. This is a back view of the woodpecker with its head turned toward the left as it perches in a tree.]

A front view of a female downy woodpecker (no red patch on the head).
[The neck and belly of this bird is all white. It has a dark beak and a black and white stripes across its face. The wings are mostly black. The underside of the tail is white with black stripes.]

Female downy woodpecker with a fluffier 'hairdo'.
[The bird's head is bent to the horizontal branch on which it is perched. The bill is open slightly. The feathers on its head are sticking straight out from the head rather than smoothed down.]

Strong feet help this bird do an under-branch maneuver.
[The bird is parallel to a branch as it hangs on below it by only its feet. The head is not visible, but the white belly and a patch of white down its back as well as the black tail feather and white-tipped back side feathers are.]

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