Carolina anoles are a small lizard and plentiful in Florida.

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Male anoles often have a skin ridge along their backs.
[A brown lizard on the concrete with its tail curled back towards its body.]

The pattern on the back indicatess this is probably a female.
[A back view of a lizard with a long white stripe down its entire backside and from the stripe white marks fan out to the sides at regular intervals.]

The red dewlap is prominently displayed by the anole on the right.
[Two anoles are perched on the edge of a concrete slab. The one facing the right has the flap of skin by its throat fully extended and forming a red circle nearly the size of its head.]

Two anoles mating while a second male at the top is out of luck.
[Both bodies of the anoles are now visible and the much larger one is verticle (up the pole) with a leg around the back end of the smaller anole who is perpendicular to the pole. The tip of the head of another anole is visible at the top edge of the image.]

This anole just snagged a fly in its mouth and was watching me as I stopped to photograph it.
[A green anole is stuck to the side of the building facing downward with its mouth open and the wing of a fly visible. The anole's eyelids are rolled up a bit as it appears to look at me.]

Apparently they also eat dragonflies.
[An anole is on the top rail of a metal chain link fence with the body of a dragonfly in its open mouth. The wings of the dragonfly are on the far side of the anole's head and partially hidden by the fence rail.]

I didn't stay to see if it also ate the wings.
[The anole's mouth is closed and the entire body of the dragonfly is gone from view. The wings are sticking out of the side of the anole's mouth.]

Striking a balancing pose at the end of a stick.
[A brown anole has its back feet anchored to the stick as it faces downward with its tail balanced in the air.]

The chain link fence is a jungle-gym to this anole.
[A brown anole has its front feet holding the lower right part of the diamond opening in the fence while its back feet and tail hold the lower left part of the opening.]

An unusual pose for an anole.
[A brown anole has both its front and back feet holding the lower right part of the diamond opening in the fence. Its body is perpendicular to the wire and its lower feet are spread to the sides as it holds on by its toes.]

This is a very young and very, very tiny anole. It is perched on the same chain-link face as the anole in the prior photo.
[Whereas the spread of the legs of the anole in the prior photo extends to nearly the entire length of one side of the wire creating the diagonal holes in the chain link fence, the entire length of the anole in this photos is not even that length. This anole appears to be shorter in overall length than just the tail of the anole in the prior photo, and that one isn't even a large anole. The body of this one isn't much thicker than the diameter of the metal of fence link.]

This anole is attached to a car half-way up the door.
[The dark-colored anole is completely visible as it suctions itself to the all white car door.]

This anole climbed to the second floor to visit me.
[A small light-green lizard with a long tail climbing on the windo screen.]

A leaf-peeping anole.
[A green anole's head is above a branch with red-veined yellow-brown leaves.]

An anole who is wondering what I am doing.
[A brown anole on a gutter-downspout has its head turned upward toward the camera. It's head is in focus, but its front feet and body, further from the camera, are blurred. Its head it turned slightly so mainly just its right eye is visible.]

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