Double-crested Cormorants.

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An early May visitor to the stormwater retention pond.
[A cormorant is swimming toward the camera. It's head is turned to the right showing the lighter color of its neck and head--more light grey than brown/black.]

This cormorant had just swallowed a fish in one gulp.
[A cormorant swims from left to right. It has a much thinnner-looking neck than the one in the prior photo.]

This cormorant noticed us talking nearby.
[A cormorant swims from left to right with its head turned toward the camera such that both eyes are visible between its beak.]

The cormorant is a diving bird and its feathers are not completely waterproofed. After taking a swim it spreads its feathers to dry before flying.
[A cormorant stands at the edge of the water facing away from the camera with its wings slightly outstretched.]

A dry bird plotting its next move.
[The cormorant stands on the edge of a concrete slab with its head up surveying the landscape and its wings tucked and its tail dragging on the ground.]

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