Eastern Pondhawk dragonflies are a common, medium-sized dragonfly.
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The male Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly has clear wings, a green face, blue eyes, a blue body with black section, and white appendages.
[Side view of the dragonfly holding a horizonal, large leaf.]

I loved the head-tilt on this male.
[The same dragonfly with its head turned toward the camera and tilted. It's little green nose is clearly visible]

The clear wings are barely visible on this male.
[The dragonfly stands on a light colored leaf on the ground. It's only because of the light color of the leaf that any of the wings are visible.]

While the face of this dragonfly appeared to be an Eastern Pondhawk, I was puzzled by the apparent green and blue colors of the body.
[The dragonfly stares at the camera as it holds a vertical branch which partially hides its face.]

This side view definitely indicates a two-colored body but the black end with the white appendages and the striped coloring seemed to mimic a female Eastern Pondhawk.
[Side view of the dragonfly as it stands on a sloping seeded branch. The back havle appears to be blue and black striped while the front half is green.]

This view indicates this is a young male transitioning from its "camoflauge" colors similar to a female to its mature male colors.
[Back top view of the dragonfly as it holds a green twig.]

A female Eastern Pondhawk who seems to be smiling for the camera.
Dragonflies do not have teeth although it looks like they do in this image.
[A female stands on the thick leaves of a bush. The color contrast between her dark wings and the light green leaves make her more visible.]

More of her back end is visible including the white appendages at the end of her body.
[Same female as prior photo with her white and black body visible in the image.]

The female's wings are nearly invisible in this image.
[This female stands on the ground and her clear wings are barely visible.]

The female's wings and body are hardly visible at all in this image.
[This female stands on the grass and her green body and clear wings are barely noticeable.]

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