Saddlebag dragonflies cover several species including the Red Saddlebags and Carolina Saddlebags on this page.
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A Red Saddlebags dragonfly has clear wings except for a patch of color near the body on the lower set of wings.
[Front view of a saddlebags sitting atop a leafless branch. The patch of red is noticeable on the lower set of wings.]

The Carolina Saddlebags dragonfly also has a patch of color near the body on the lower set of wings. The top wings are clear.
[Side top view of a Carolina Saddlebags in flight above the water. While the wings are slightly blurred, one can see the reddish-brown color only on the back set of wings. The body of this dragonfly is a similar color.]

I believe this is a female Red Saddlebags dragonfly.
[Side view of a dragonfly perched on some berries. The body and face is light brown. The eyes are purplish-blue and the 'saddle' is dark brown while the rest of the wings are clear.]

This is the same dragonfly as the prior photo with different lighting catching the camera making the "eyelashes" and "fur" on the legs visible.
[All color is nearly gone in this image so the dragonfly appears nearly all black thus emphasizing the outline of it.]

A male Red Saddlebags. If you look closely you'll see the reddish color at the top of all the wings.
[A dragonfly has its wings perpendicular to the ground so we see the entire undersides. The body and face are dark red. The saddle is red, but there is also a patch of white both on the body and the saddle at the very center. There is also a reddish tint to the top of the wings as well as red pterostigma.]

A different male Red Saddlebags. The red pterostigma (tips on the wings) are more visible in this image.
[This image is similar to the prior one except the body is L-shaped and the tail end is pointed downward so a more

Saddlebag dragonflies mating in flight.
[The mating dragonflies are flying toward the camera and they are connected such that they look like a mini train in the air with eight wings.]

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