This page showcases dragonflies with marks (other than stripes) on their wings, great Blue Skimmers, 12-Spotted Skimmers and the Four-spotted Pennant.
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A male Great Blue Skimmer. These dragonflies have brownish-black patches on the ends of their wings.
[Top side view of a light blue dragonfly perched on a white twig. The wings are clear except for the ends which have a thin black band.]

A closer view of a different male Great Blue Skimmer.
[Top side view of a dragonfly perched on a bent twig with brown on the ends of its clear wings. This appears to be an older dragonfly as small sections of the wings are missing. The body color is more of a greyish blue.]

A female Great Blue Skimmer.
[Front side view of a dragonfly perched in the middle of leafless twigs. She has a yellow body, a white and brown thorax, blue eyes and a white face. There are bands of dark color at the ends of her wings.]

Front view of the lady in the prior photo with more of the color details of her thorax visible.
[Front view of a dragonfly showing her white face. Her brown and white striped thorax is visible above her blue eyes.]

Although I saw 12-Spotted Skimmers many times, I never saw one land.
[Front side view of a dragonfly with all wings above its body. The brown color segments on the wings are more visible in this image. This dragonfly is buzzing above the water.]

Another 12-Spotted Skimmer doing a fly-by. Twelve is the total number of spots on all wings.
[Side view of a dragonfly flying above the water with the clear and brown parts of the wings more visible. The brown color segments are irregular shapes on the wings.]

A Four-Spotted Pennant stopping for a bite to eat.
[This dragonfly perched on the end of a stick near the water has a dark body and a brown spot near the center of each otherwise clear wing, except for the pterostigma which is white.]

Another Four-Spotted Pennant.
[This dragonfly appears to have longer wings than the prior one. Its spots are not as symmetrically round as the prior one, but they are clearly spots on the wings.]

This is also a Four-Spotted Pennant, but the lighting is such that the spots are less visible. This dragonfly is one of the few with white pterostigma.
[This dragonfly perched on the tip of a weed and the spots are not even visible due to the lighting and background. The thin rectangular sections of white at the tops of the wings are very visible. This dragonfly has a very thin body.]

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