Several red-shouldered hawks frequented the area including at least one juvenile as well as some adults. This first page displays some of their eating actions.
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Juvenile on the left and an adult on the right. One of the few times I've seen hawks close to each other.
[Two hawks sitting approxiately six feet from each other on the top rail of a metal chain-link fence. The juvenile on the left has a brown and white speckled chest, while the mature bird on the right has a white chest with a hint of rust color on the feathers. Juvenile is looking at the ground while the adult seems to be watching me.]

This juvenile hawk seems to be trying to figure out what happened to what it thought it grabbed.
[Mostly brown hawk with a number of white feathers is perched atop the fence rail looking down at the twigs and stuff it has in its grasp.]

Where did it go?
[Hawk still has one empty foot in the air as it is now turned to the other side looking down at the ground.]

Some young juvenile hawks, such as this one, have blue eyes which will eventually turn brown. This bird's stomach still retains some of the light-brown feathers on its chest.
[The hawk's body faces the camera while it is perched on the top rail of a metal chain-link fence. It's head is turned to the right so one eye is visible. The center (iris) is dark, but the rest is very pale blue.]

The banding on the tail is clearly visible on this adult hunting in the same area.
[Back of the hawk as seen from its left side. The face with its hooked beak is in profile. The back is a mixture of white-tipped brown feathers. The tail has two wide dark-brown horizontal stripes separated by two thin white stripes.]

This adult red-shouldered hawk has just grabbed a mouse. The light-colored head of this hawk is apparently common among the species residing in Florida.
[Hawk with wings outstretched overhead and facing the camera is about 18 inches above the ground and has a mouse in its right talons. It is flying toward the top of a fence on the left of the photo.]

Close view of the catch.
[Hawk is perched on the fence rail balancing on its left foot. Only the feet and the top of the fence are visible in the image. The right foot is extended forwarded slightly with the mouse in its grasp. An eye and nose of the mouse is visible.]

Not sure what this hawk is doing as I didn't notice anything in its talons, but it's a great feather display.
[Hawk standing is on a grassy hillside with its back to the camera and its head turned to the left. It has its tail feathers fanned and its wings partiall open as if it is mantling something at its feet.]

Through my second story window I noticed this hawk eating something.
[Hawk has its talons around something on the ground in the grass and its beak is pulling at its catch.]

It's eating a bullfrog.
[The hawk is still holding the frog with both feet and has a bit in its beak as it raised its head.]

I went outside to get a better image and the hawk heard me even though I went out the far door so as not to disturb it.
[The hawk is in flight about a foot above the ground. Its wings are spread showing the white and brown  on them and the tail. The frog is hanging below it still clutched in the talons.]

The hawk flew to this tree. However, there's no frog with it.
[The hawk is standing on a bare branch of a nearby tree. Its feathers are still partially spread.]

Here's the remains of the bullfrog.
[The frog's body and one leg are a light color against the brown ground. It appears the frog ate most of one leg.]

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