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I caught movement overhead and found where the movement stopped.
[A hawk is perched facing to the left in the distance atop a utility pole with wires strung  on it. The outlines of the bird and the pole are clearly visible against the much lighter sky. However, the lighting is such that there is very little detail visible.]

I moved closer and was able to position myself relative to the sun to get clear details of the juvenile hawk in the prior photo.
[The hawk is facing the camera displaying its mostly white breast with flecks of brown. Its long dark talons at the ends of its yellow left foot hang over the edge of the pole. The rough edges and woodgrain of the top of the utility pole are visible.]

The coloring on this hawk seems to indicate it could be a juvenile.
It's in a tree at a level of the roof of the 4-story building.
[View of the hawk is from below it as it perches on a large tree branch. The hawk appears to be looking at something at its same level. It has white and brown feathers on its breast.]

There are two hawks in this image and they may be mating.
This tree was at quite a distance so this image is as clear and close as I could get.
[Not sure if the one hawk is beside the other or on top of it. The one which might be on top has its wing spread and the reddish-brown color near the shoulder area is visible. The outer feathers are more white. The breast on this hawk is also more reddish.]

Interesting how the legs are a much lighter color than the breast.
[This hawk has a much redder breast than the prior one. The legs are a light almost white color. It is perched in a different tree.]

The base of the tree was about 10 feet from me (in the swamp), but because the hawk was about 40 feet in the air, it does look like I was right beside the tree when I shot this.
(And I did end up with a crick in my neck from taking these images. lol)
[The hawk is perched on a branch about two inches in diameter and the tail on one side and the breast is on the other since the image was basically taken looking straight up. The head is visible as the hawk looks down at something (not me).]

A young hawk in late November.
[This hawk has a mostly white breast on the top and bottom and even on the chin area. There are brown speckles in the middle of the chest. It's perched in one of the pine trees.]

The neck flexibility of this bird.
[Hawk has both feet grasping the top fence rail as its body faces to the right yet its head it looking 180 degrees away to the left.]

Hawk in flight.
[The wings are blurred and form a tunnel over the bird's head and body as it is mid-way through a down-flap.]

It was quite windy that day resulting in the ends of the feathers moving with the breeze.
[Side view of the entire bird standing atop the top rail of a chain-link fence. The bird's mostly white breast feathers are waving to the sides like a dancer's tiered ruffled dress.]

Red-shouldered hawk with a loose feather.
[Close view of a hawk looking directly at the camera. The bird has one tiny, wispy feather loose across the top of its head.]

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