The Swallow-tailed Kite is a bird of prey with a long forked tail and is a pleasure to watch soaring in the sky.

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This isn't even all of the kites which were overhead the afternoon of July 4, 2015.
[A view of the grey sky with ten dark birds overhead. These birds have long wings and a long forked tail and since they are soaring their wings are outstretched.]

They will soar close to each other.
[There are three kites overhead so close together they are almost touching.]

This was a low as I saw one go and the tops of those trees rise nearly four stories tall.
[There is one kite soaring above the tops of the pine trees. The bird is in focus displaying its full underside (from the side view) while the trees are blurry.]

Most of the kites I saw had longer tails than this one, but perhaps this one is still growing.
[The outline of this bird in the sky reveals there are some missing feathers in the wings. The back-end of the tail is more of a curve than a deep arc.]

Swallow-tailed kites have white undersides.
[This bird has a long vee-shaped tail which is black as are the edges of its wing feathers. The body, head, and innermost part of its flight feathers are white.]

These kites are heading to wherever the kites must spend most of their time since I only saw them for a few days.
[The kite in the upper right corner is much larger than the one in the lower left which is further away.]

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