Osprey like to build nests in the cell towers in the area. I've seen more than one tower with a nest in the upper sections of the structure.
Some of these photos are from spring 2012 and the rest from March 2015 - January 2016.

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Osprey coming into a nest atop a cell tower near the San Pablo Creek library.
[Osprey with fully outstretched wings facing into the camera as it comes toward the huge nest built into one corner of the cell tower.]

An osprey on the same nest three years later.
[An osprey stands on the nest with its hind end facing the camera which makes the white underfeathers visible. The nest is made from quite large diameter branches and hangs over the edges of the tower supports.]

Osprey in flight.
[The brown and white feathers of the osprey are displayed as the bird makes a turn in flight.]

A different osprey.
[The brown and white feathers of the osprey are displayed as the bird flies toward the camera.]

I like the view with the 'landing gear' down.
[Osprey in flight coming toward the camera with feet hanging straight down as if the 'landing gear'is down.]

This osprey (or its twin) spent many mornings on this tree branch in the spring months.
It was probably feeding young in a nest in a tower a few streets away from the creek beside which this tree stood.
[The osprey is perched atop a dead tree and is staring at the camera. The day is quite overcast so the image is a bit dark.]

The one day I took my camera to this spot was quite overcast, but I did manage to see some details of the bird.
[The same bird with its head turned toward the right which makes the outline of its beak visible.]

Osprey at sunset.
[The osprey sits on a light post with its body facing toward the camera, but its head turned to the one side so the outline of its beak is clearly visible. The white crown of its head and its entire white belly are visible. The rest of the body is brown. The light is lit, but shines only downward due to its housing so the bird is lit only by the darkening sky.]

Osprey taking home dinner.
[The osprey flying away from the camera with one foot hanging down carrying a fish. The talons of the other foot are visible just under its tail. Due to the lighting this image is mostly a silhouette.]

This osprey didn't get long to enjoy its lunch as a nearby hawk chased it away.
[Osprey is perched on a horizontal pine limb with the talons on its left foot wrapped around something it is eating. Its head is bent toward the foot and its beak is open. The long talons on the right foot are clearly visible.]

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