On this page are a bluejay and mockingbirds.
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The head and blue tail of this bluejay are clearly visible through the leaves.
[The leaves of the tree hide the middle portion of the bird, but its head and tail are visible. This bird has a blue and black checked tail. Its beak is open slightly. This bird has white around the cheeks and throat area and that white is rimmed with black. Beyond that on the head, chest, and back are blue-gray feathers.]

Bluejay in the stormwater runoff channel.
[Top back view of the bluejay standing on pebbled concrete. Its head is turned to the right and its beak is open. The white, blue, and black on the edges of its wings contrast with the blue-grey of its back. Its long blue and black striped tail is partially obscured by vegetation.]

I heard this mockingbird before I saw its head pop out of the bush.
[The upper half of the grey bird is visible on the edge of the bush. Its one yellow eye with the black pupil stares at the camera.]

I found this mockingbird in a different bush.
[This bush has open branches so most of the bird is visible. It has its head turned so one eye faces the camera.]

These birds have long tail feathers compared to their body size.
This one was high in a tree.
[The tree leaves cover the middle part of the bird but its head and upper chest is visible above the branch and its tail which is nearly as long as its body is visible through the leaves below.]

A very wet mockingbird.
[The bird is perched on a leafless section of tree branch and faces away from the camera. Patches of white are visible amid the brown feathers. The falling rain shows on the images as thin grey-white vertical stripes. There are drops of water just about ready to fall from sections of the branch.]

Close view of a brown mockingbird.
[The bird with brown upper parts and a tan belly looks up to its right as it stands on the ground beside some small weed-flowers.]

This mockingbird I saw atop a light post appears to be molting.
Photo taken in early June. [The bird stands atop a metal covering for a light. The birds side and back have very ruffled feathers as if new fuzz is growing.]

Another one which appears to be molting.
This photo was taken in mid-May.
[The mockingbird stands on the ground partially obscurred by some grass blades. Its body is grey and white and its wings seem to be turned toward the ground exposing some of the downier feathers under it.]

I presume this late-August bird is a juvenile who has yet to gain full adult colors.
[The mockingbird is perched on barbed wire in front of some heavily-leafed trees. The bird has a white belly with the rest of its body being mottled grey-brown and white. The feathers on its wing seem to be small although they are large enough for it to fly. It flew away right after I captured the image.]

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