This page has the large golden silk orbweavers spiders and their webs. These spiders grow to a body size of up to 2 inches and a total size including their legs of 6+ inches.
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From across the road I saw a spider in webbing between the wires.
The camera didn't pick it up in this image, but I zoomed closer in the next two photos.
[Above the trees across the roade are a series of wires.]

The dark speck which is the spider is visible above the wire.
[There is a dark speck with legs coming from it seemingly suspended in mid air above the wire and away from the trees in the background.]

Zooming in closer the spider and its legs are visible.
[The spider seems to be hanging upside down in mid air above the wires.]

A close view of the underside of a golden silk orbweaver. The threads of its web are a gold color.
[The caramel-colored body with white spots is about two inches long. The legs have some fuzzy black sections while the rest is yellow. They are up to five inches long. The spider is in the center of her web.]

Another golden silk orbweaver with her mate (that small spider) within her upper legs.
Some of the web threads are very yellow.
[The male mate of the spider is smaller in size than just the body of the female. He has dark thick legs coming from his comparatively tiny body.]

Here's the top side of golden silk orbweaver.
[The spider is hanging from her web. The upper part of her body is golden-brown with white dots. The lower part is all grey with dark spots on it and almost looks like a skull.]

A side view of the golden silk orbweaver. The web is definitely yellow in this light.
[The web tilts from the left to the right and the spider is attached such that she walks along the underside. The distance between the web and the tops of her very long legs are nearly two inches.]

This zoomed out view shows the immense size of the web. Those 'leaves' in the background are elephant ear plant leaves (very large).
[The spider appears small compared to the size of the web and she's nearly six inches long.]

Here's another female with a male above her on the web.
[A close view through the web of an underside of a female with a small spider above her on the web.]

A zoomed out view of that same pair shows the golden color of the web.
[The sunlight has caught a number of threads on the web making a series of yellow-gold dashes.]

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