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Branson walkway at the edge of Lake Taneycomo near the downtown area.

June 25, 2013

Walkway along Lake Taneycomo.
[A curved black metal railing winds through the middle of the image segregating the water on its left and the sidewalk with lamp posts on the grassy edge on the right. In the distance are tree-covered hillsides.]

Restaurant on Lake Taneycomo.
[Sidewalk at the top of the hillside slopes downward to the water. Ahead a restaurant with its supports in the lake sits aboe it.]

Two sleeping female mallards at the water's edge.
[The nearly all light brown feathers of the birds blend very well with the rocks upon which they sit. Their heads are turned back with their beaks buried in the feathers (and thus are not visible).]

Not yet been able to identify this bird, but it posed well for me.
It's standing atop the rope handrail to the restaurant.
[Small brown bird with large, conical beak standing atop the rope handrail leading to the restaurant.]

American Cliff Swallow homes on the underside of a bridge.
[Four homes touching each other each with a small hole at the end. Looks like they were built of seeds or mud mucked together.]

Americal Cliff Swallow
[Bird resting on a tree leaf branch. It's head, throat, and top of chest are dark colored while the rest of the underside is mostly white. Back side is dark. Has a conical beak.]

Snoozing Canada geese.
Never really noticed those brown feathers out the rump end until I saw this image.
[Four geese at the water's edge with their heads tucked back into their feathers. Two geese have their back ends facing the camer highlighting the brown feathers tailfeathers sticking out of the snowy white rump.]

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