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Branson Scenic Overlook (north of Branson) - Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area.

June 25, 2013

Black swallowtail butterfly
[Butterfly with dark wings upon which sits a row of yellow dots all along the edge. A second row of yellow dots line the upper wings while blue dots line the lower. The buttefly is just landing on a leaf.]

[Squirrel at the base of a tree in the process of making his move to hide from the human photographer.]

Prairie lined racerunner
[Small lizard-like critter with a tail more than a foot longer than its body. This critter has a dark stripe with two light-colored ones on either side running from its eyes to the tip of its tail. It's on the pavement among the dried pine needles.]

Prairie lizard
[Relatively small brown and grey lizard that blend well with the tree stump which it climbs. It stands on one side so its head and part of the body are visible against the blurred backdrop.]

40-foot observation tower at the top of the hillside.
[55 steps up to a 16 by 16 foot platform. It's higher than the trees around it.]

View from atop the tower looking towards the city.
[Four photos stitched together giving a panoramic of green trees in foreground with buildings and road in middstanhe sky.]

One of the zipline towers in the area as seen from the right side of the observation tower.
[A tall, circular tower with a flag flying atop it stands approximately five times as high as the trees around it. To the right The zipline runs from the tower to the top of the hillside then makes a 90 degree turn to go down the hillside. One can see an open area in the trees where the zipline route heads down the mountain.]

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