Northern California Coastal scenes

December 9, 2012

Crescent City beach at low tide.
[The land which meets the beach rises in short cliffs above it. These cliffs have grassy and tree'd tops. Mountains are seen in the hazy distance while reaches of water lap the sand below the cliffs.]

St. George Reef lighthouse sits on an island in the ocean. (On the horizon on the middle-right side of this image.)
[This landscape image of the ocean with the lighthouse in the middle of the water in the distance and expanses of rocks jutting from the foreground water was viewed from a strip of land jutting into the water so the beachhead is off camer to the right.]

View from Klamath River Overlook high above the Pacific Ocean.
[White-capped Pacific water meets the narrow sandy beach. The edge of the land meanders here so a cove of sorts puts water behind the tree'd land which meets the sand. The cove is misted as are the mountains near it.]

Tree at water's edge as seen from Klamath River Overlook.
[Short, thick trunks lead to bush-like top branches of this tree which has the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop.]

Sunset view at a rest stop on US-101 north of Trinidad Head.
[The hazy water's edge (and a rock in the water) are visible through an opening in the evergreen trees. The trees appear nearly black due to the bright light of the sun.]

Tide pools near McKinleyville.
[Tidepools are well back from the water's edge. Land is seen beyond the water on the right.]

Roosevelt elk by Stone Lagoon RV Park.
[A herd of females grazes on an open patch of grass.]

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