Views along CA-99 between the Pacific Ocean and Redding, California

December 10, 2012

Waterfall near Cedar Flat picnic area.
[This waterfall is only about five vertical feet but it extends down a hillside and produces much white foam as it thrusts through and around the rocks leading into the river. Many yellow leaves dot the green of the shrubbery.]

Rocks in the Trinity River.
[A path of small boulders leads into the river where some lie at the edge while others are submerged but still visible through the clear water.]

Trinity River as seen from CA-99.
(Rocky portion in above photo is just off the far right of this photo.)
[The river is a reversed S shape here in the valley with several white-water rapids visible. The light-colored rock contrasts with the green-blue water.]

Trees along the Trinity River's banks.
[The river bank here is a high dirt cliff with scatterings of small rocks. At the top is a flat area covered in a blanket of tall evergreens.]

Trinity River's beautiful green water.
[Closeup view of a 90 degree bend in the river flow in the valley with rocks on the edges and trees growing out of the hillsides.]

I drove in and out of patches of fog on CA-99.
[Looking up at trees lining the mountain sides and seeing the closest layer clearly, but the next layer is partially lost in the fog and the more distance layers are blocked completely by the fog.]

Tree displaying all its branches at scenic viewpoint atop the mountain.
[Leafless tree with curly branches leading to many small twigs at the end. The tree'd mountainous hillside backdrops nearly all the branches.]

Sacramento River in Redding with a snow-capped peak miles away.
[Homes sit atop near vertical drops to the river's water. In this image the river narrows between the bank's walls and disappears around a bend. In the far distance is a snow-covered mountain.]

Male and female buffleheads on the Sacramento River in Redding.
(Males have more white feathers.)
[Three pairs of Buffleheads are visible on the water with one pair swimming side-by-side and their trailing wakes combining.]

More Buffleheads on the Sacramento River.
[18 Buffleheads swimming together in a broad vee formation.]

Sundial (pedestrian) Bridge across the Sacramento River in Redding.
[A white bridge with a tall mast at the far end from which cables are strung to support the bridge spanning the river and the low ground beside the river.]

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