Castaway Island Preserve - Jacksonville, Florida
Creatures I saw at the preserve on May 21, 2012 and November 23, 2015.

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Bald eagle perched on a tree on the far end of the perserve.
[The white-headed brown bird is perched at the top of a leafless tree with minimal branches. This lone tree is in the midst of tall grasses. In the distance behind it is a house set against a thick expanse of green trees.]

A great egret.
[The large white bird flies through the cloud-filled blue sky with its wings downward and its legs sticking out behind it.]

A juvenile wood stork. This bird will lose the feathers and coloring on its head as it matures.
[The large bird with the long curved beak flies through the cloud-filled blue sky with its wings upward exposing black feathers not normally seen. Its legs stick out behind it forming a horizonal line with its body.]

This wood stork was flying through the air with its feet downward for a while before it finally came down and landed.
[Rather than the bird's head, body, and legs forming a horizonal line with respect to the ground, this bird has its head slightly above its body and its legs dangle below its body. The wings are mostly up exposing the black flight feathers.]

Snowy egret coming in for a landing.
[All white medium-sized bird with wings outstretched as its feet touch the water. Another egret stands in the shallow water in the distance.]

Snowy egret on left and tricolored heron on right.
[The two birds stand beside each other in the shallow water. All white egret is on the left and the blue-grey heron with the black-tipped yellow bill is on the right.]

Spotted sandpiper
[Small bird with yellow beak and brown upper parts and a white underside with brown spots walking in the shallow water.]

Marsh rabbit (it's a swimmer!)
[Short-eared brown and black furred rabbit sitting among greenery.]

Wood storks in flight.
[Flock of 13 wood storks in a T formation way up in the sky. Their white edged wings catching the sunlight making them appear lighted.]

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