Castaway Island Preserve - Jacksonville, Florida
Scenes at the preserve on May 21, 2012 and November 23, 2015.

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A view of the preserve in May when water levels were normal.
[Very green grassy marshland with pine trees along one edge in the distance.]

Water levels were lower on my November trip exposing more of the grasses which would normally be mostly submerged in this area.
[This view has more upright tree trunks devoid of branches or greenery amid the grasses.]

Woodpeckers and other birds create homes from the palm trunks which dried and lost their greenery due to the prolonged low water levels.
[A close view of one lone palm trunk with three holes all on the left side equally spaced along its trunk.]

Boardwalk through parts of the preserve.
[Wooden boardwalk with railing through the dense foilage lining either side of it. Blue sky and puffy white clouds are seen in the distance.]

Platform to view the intracoastal waterway as seen from the boardwalk dock on the May trip.
On the November trip no water was visible in this area.
[Metal roofed raised wooden platform standing on stilts in the marsh water.]

Dock on the intracoastal waterway (Cloud cover darkened this shot.)
[Wooden dock leading to an aluminum dock all in the water.]

View from the boardwalk leading to the dock on the May visit.
[Water in between land and the boardwalk reflects the puffy white clouds in the blue sky.]

View of the boardwalk leading to the dock in November.
Much more vegetation was visible this trip.
[The boardwalk with railings on both sides extends across most of the image. There is a great deal of tall grasses with only small amounts of water visible under the boardwalk.]

Oyster shells visible on the November trip due to the low water levels.
[Oyster shells on top of oyster shells which cover most of the ground visible in the image.]

Roadway bridge across the intracoastal waterway.
[In the distance is a bridge arching across the entire image. There are a series of supports below the roadway which is the top of the structure. The foreground is mostly grasses.]

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