Pikes Peak State Park - McGregor, Iowa
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July 17, 2013

Boardwalk trail along the ridge 500 foot above the river.
[A level platform leads down to a series of steps and subsequent platforms which include wooden railings on both sides to keep people on the trail. This entire length is canopied by tree branches and leaves.]

Bridal Veil Falls
There was a sign on the boardwalk so I knew this was an official waterfall.
[A wide but small volume water stream spills off a ledge about 6 feet above the lower rock. It then runs down a rock face approximately 15 feet long before becoming a stream again.]

Great spangled fritillary butterfly
[Brown butterfly with rows of white splotches feeds on a flower.]

Ruby-throated hummingbird near the visitor center.
[Humming bird with yellow-green back feathers, a white throat, and a long black beak sitting on a red feeder with its beak in the feeder.]

A different hummingbird coming for lunch.
[Hummingbird coming to the feeder. Its wings are flapping so fast they are blurred, but the rest of the body, including it's feet and head are clear in the image.]

Chipping sparrow in the grass near the hummingbird feeders.
[Sparrow with an orange crown and black stripes across and orange back walks in grass as high as its head.]

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