Views while driving through Louisiana and Georgia - November 2014

Sunset in Bossier City, Louisiana on November 6th.
[The ground and lamp posts in the foreground are in dark relief against the sky. This view looks westward and the sky has a series of horizonal yellow-beige cloud lines which are against progressively lightening sky background. There are more than six lines of squiggly clouds.]

Fall colors in Marietta, Georgia on November 9th.
[A residential street scene with two trees with yellow leaves.]

More fall colors in Marietta on November 9th.
[A different residential street with a large tree with golden yellow leaves contrasting to the dark colors of vegetation near it.]

More fall colors in Marietta on November 9th.
[The front yard of a house with a large tree in the middle of the yard. The tree has lost nearly half its leaves, but what remains are pinkish-red in color. There are quite a few of these colored leaves on the lawn.]

Sunrise in Valdosta on November 12th.
[While there are some patches of blue-lilac, the sky is mostly clouds ranging from pink to light grey. The vegetation and light post in the foreground are dark and have their edges back lit with bright yellow of the rising sun.]

Closer view of the prior image.
[This view has much more yellow in the sky and there is very little blue visible (upper right corner) as the sky is filled with the pinkish clouds.]

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