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This is slightly north of St. Augustine, Florida.

April 18, 2013

View looking inland just past the parking lot.
[Flat landscape lush with green vegetation in the foreground, somewhat dry wetlands in the midground, and an expans of trees in the background. Two palm trees rise above the foreground greenery on the right.]

Looking southbound from viewing platform atop a dune separating the ocean from inland.
Ocean on left and inland to the right.
[Ground on the left slopes downward to the white waves. Vegetation sits in the foreground and also in the middle groud to the right where it meets the flat land of the wetlands.]

Boardwalk leading to the Atlantic Ocean.
[A boardwalk built through the greenery-covered sand dune leads to waves seen in the distance. To the right a set of boardwalk steps lead up to a viewing platform. White puffy clouds are scattered through the blue sky.]

On the beach looking southbound.
[An expanse of shell-laden sand with footprints all through it borders the smooth sand which meets othe ocean's waves. In the far distance are several lone people on the smooth sand. Many puffy white clouds cover the sky.]

On the beach looking northbound.
The sand contains thousands of shells and shell fragments.
[In this view the sand is much lighter and the multitude of small shells are more distinct. White-caps are visible on the ocean and a lone person sits on a beach chair looking at the water. The sky is only a small portion of this image and is all medium blue.]

Close-up of the shell-laden sand.
[Hundreds if not thousands of small shells and shell fragments completely cover the sand. Colors run the gamet from creamy white to purple to gray and brown. Stripes and ridges are visible as are smooth sections. Most shell pieces are broken but some full half-shells are visible i n the mix.]

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