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This is slightly north of St. Augustine, Florida.

April 18, 2013

This is one of several prickly pear cacti I noticed amid the grass on the sand.
[A cactus nearly three feet wide and about 18 inches tall sits amid the grass holding the sand in place at the edge of the dune.]

A splash of color I noticed while peering over the edge of the boardwalk before I reached the beach.
(red coneflower)
[Amid the sand growing on a slim green stem is a flower with red petals and a rounded bulb center of darker red with a greenish tint.]

A sandpiper.
[A sandpiper is bent with its beak to the sand to eat something which has just been washed by a wave leaving a multitude of bubbles atop the sand which sparkle in the sunlight. The bird has a white underside (mostly visible in this image) and a brown and white top half.]

Close up of wave froth.
[The foreground is almost completely covered with teeny white bubbles. At the center of an image is a small section of water breaking over the bubbles and looks like a waterfall as the water is bubble-free. Behind this is still-looking dark blue water with a small scattering of white bubbles.]

On the beach looking back at the dune.
[Some patches of sand are visible, but this dune is mostly covered with low-growing vegetation. Atop it are four palm trees outlined by the blue sky.]

The same palms as seen from the viewing platform further south atop the dune.
[At this elevation the sky behind the palms is completely covered in clouds which are varying shades of white, blue, and grey and provide an interesting backdrop. The platform is approximately the same elevation as the palms so the hillside is not visible.]

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