Rest stops in Western Texas along Interstate 10
November 12, 2012

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Rest stop in Culberson County, Texas

I climbed these steps which led to the views below.
[A long expanse of sagebrush and dirt backed by a row of continuous rock mounds all below a very blue sky.]

Part of the view after climbing the steps to the top of the hill.
[Most of the paved drive can be seen in this image, however it now leads straight to water. The lighthouse looks as if it sits on an island as 200 horizontal feet of water separate it from the mainland.]

I then turned to my right back toward the highway for this view.
[More sagebrush as the land goes down a hill and off to distant mountains. Across the round is another sagebrush-covered hill. Haze fills the sky. Only a few vehicles on the road.]

And continued turning to view this.
[More dirt and small rocks than sagebrush in this image. The highway is barely visible below the peaked hills in the distance.]

This critter was on steps near the parking area.
[Large-eyed insect with long antennae nearly perfectly blending into the sandstone rock beneath it.]

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Rest stop just east of Van Horn, Texas

A Beaked Yucca plant (which is not a tree).
[A plant with an apparent forked trunk leading to two bunches of very long sharp leaves and flowered stems sticking out of the tops. The flower blooms fell off quite a while ago. This sits on the grounds of the rest stop.]

View across the road at the eastbound rest stop.
[Obvious non-native trees shading picnic areas while magestic-looking dark-rocked hills provide a backdrop.]

View from the rest stop looking southeast.
[A long, flat expanse of ground with lots of low-growing sagebrush. In the distance buildings sit near the edge of a sandstone-colored mountain range.]

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