These seven pages contain water views, tree views, tree fruits and blooms, flowers, and mushrooms in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional Jacksonville images are listed under the Sky Pics tab and nearly all creatures under the Creature Photos tab were viewed in Jacksonville.
This page has water views.
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This is a water reflection that I flipped 180 degrees. The water was quite still that day.
(July 12, 2015)
[Three palm trees stand beside a light post. There is other vegetation growing on either side. In front of all this is a fence with grass growing on a hillside. Except for a few parts of the fence and the lightpost where there must have been some water movement, the entire scene is clear and sharp and exhibits normal color casts.]

This is the stormwater drainage pond behind the hotel where I took the above photo. On this morning I thought the cloud reflection was beautiful.
The water level is normally reaches the tuffs of grass seen on the hillside on the left.
(June 5, 2015)
[This is an L-shaped pond with blue sky and clouds reflected in it. Based on the exposed dirt on the hillside, the water level is more than a foot low.]

Reflection of a colorful sunset sky in the stormwater drainage pond behind the hotel. (December 9, 2014)
[A dark outline of a mallard sits on the water through which some strands of grass grow. The water color has splotches of pink as the clouds are reflected in the water.]

Beach Boulevard passes over Pottsburg Creek. This is a morning view from the bridge looking southward.
The grey strip on the left is a floating dock near the boat ramp. (May 30, 2015)
[The white clouds in the blue sky and the nearby trees are reflected in the water. There is a large near-leafless tree at the water's side as well as a cell tower in the distance.]

This is a cropped view of the prior image so the birds in the tree are more visible.
At the top is an osprey who I often saw here in spring and early summer. In the lower left is a blue heron. The herons fish here year round. (May 30, 2015)
[The near-leafless tree has the osprey perched on the top right branch. At the bottom of the image is a great blue heron perched on a branch facing away from the camera. There is some greenery on the lower portions of the tree above and beside the heron.]

A water view at Peach and Beach park. (August 14, 2015)
[There is a small strip of grass in the foreground. The bulk of the photo is the pond with the trees and sky reflected in it. There are several different types of trees lining the entire background of the photo.]

Further down the path at Peach and Beach park was this reflection in the water. (August 14, 2015)
[Eighty percent of the image is water, but the reflection of the trees and sky is so clear that it almost appears this is an upside-down photo.]

A peaceful hideout for the duck. (April 9, 2014)
[One lone duck sits in the shadow under the stone bridge over the stormwater drainage water.]

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