After an extremely dry period that lasted the better part of a year, the rains came in August 2015 and mushrooms sprouted. I saw the first seven mushrooms in Forest Tower Park in Jacksonville, Florida. The rest of the mushrooms were seen at other times and places in the Jacksonville area.
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This mushroom was holding water.
[A large tan mushroom with a top which is curled up like a bowl.]

Easy to spot the red ones.
[Small button-top mushroom with a red top and a white stem.]

Another red one.
[Flat-topped mushroom with a red topskin and everything else white. The top of this has some vee notches sort of like missing pieces of a pie.]

Apparently it is possible for a fungus to get moldy.
[A reddish-orange topped mushroom with a layer of white fuzz across the top.]

This one looks like a mini beach umbrella.
[A mushroom with a long relatively-thin white stem and a flat top with some ridges. The top is light brown.]

A meaty-looking mushroom.
[A white mushroom with a thick stem and a thick flat top.]

A mushroomy-looking mushroom.
[A brown mushroom with a thick stem and a substantial umbrella-like top curling over the stem.]

I found this in a local grassy area.
[A mushroom with a very thick step and a small globular cap growing amid the grass.]

This was growing near the one in the prior photo.
[A top-down view of a mushroom with a very large flat cap. In the center of the tan cap is a brown section as if something else is growing on top of it.]

Another seemingly inverted mushroom.
[A side view of a mostly white mushroom with its cap inverted in a bowl shape. The underside of the cap has many ridges emanating from the stem to the edges of the cap.]

I saw this mushroom in a groomed area under a tree. Interesting pattern on its cap.
[Top-down view of the mushroom cap amid the reddish-brown bark and stray green weed under the tree. There is an irregularly regular squiggly design on the cap (reminds me of a deformed waffle iron pattern) which is a lighter color than the rest of the cap. ]

This mushroom is like a meaty brown leaf on the end of a wide brown stem.
[This mushroom is growing under a bush with needles (not leaves). A wide dark-brown stem leads to one edge of the tan-brown cap which is shaped more like a leaf than a mushroom cap. ]

Mushrooms with some meaty-looking caps.
[Side view of three mushrooms growing so close together in the tall grass that their caps overlap. The mushrooms have thick yellowish-brown stems and light tan caps which are puffy on the top and undersides. The grass growing around them is taller than they are and partially obscures the view of them.]

Hygroscopic earthstar. As this fungus matures, the 'ball' becomes as star as 'petals' pull away from the ball and rest on the ground.
[This mushroom resembles a star-shaped flower sitting flat on the ground. It has a whitish center puffball with a hole in the top center. Coming out from the bottom of the puffball are petal-shaped sections which dark brown and have cracks in them.]

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