The Mississippi River originates in Minnesota and after wiggling through the state it becomes the state border for numerous states as it travels to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the northern portions of the river are bluffs rising 500-600 feet above the water's surface. The photos on these pages were taken in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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July 9-16, 2013

Close to the river looking back at the bluffs near Pepin, Wisconsin.
[Two photos stitched together showing a parking lot bordered by guard rails in the foreground and green, leaf-covered trees rising in a large lump dwarfing the foreground vegetation. A few vehicles are seen traveling the road on the right.]

Part of the many channels of the river in Western Wisconsin near Pepin.
[From the parking lot one looks down what appears to be a river of water lines on both sides by green-leafed trees. Some algae sits atop the water's edge on the right. In the background the bluffs on the Minnesota side of the river are visible.]

Scenic vista view above Wabasha, MN looking toward Wisconsin.
[Looking down on the river plain. The edge of the bluff on the MN side is visible in the right midground while the Wisconsin bluffs are a blue haze in the far distance. Whisps of clouds stretching across the blue sky dominate the image. A little bit of water is visible.]

Closer view of the center of the above image. The water in the far distance in the Mississippi River.The near water is one of the numerous lakes and channels of the river in this region.
[Several photos stitched together show the flat, low land of the river plain farmland and the water between the two sets of bluffs (the bluffs in Minnesota side and the Wisconsin bluffs).]

A fast-moving rain storm passing up the river valley just south of Winona, Minnesota. The body of water in the foreground is Lake Winona. Rain clouds are moving from the right to the left in these two photos.
[Looking down approximately 500 feet to the roadway and lake below. The edge of the bluff is seen at the right and in the distance beside it are dark clouds extending down to the ground.]

[Same scene as other photo but from a slightly lower level. The dark rain cloud is now at the left edge of the scene and the river valley is bathed in sunlight.]

Closer view of Lake Winona and the city of Winona.
[Approximately 4 photos stitched together presenting a curved panoramic view of the lake and the road at the lower edge of the bluff and the city on the far side of the lake.]

Bridge crossing the Mississippi from Winona, MN to Wisconsin.
[Zoomed in view from above of the bridge. On the near side are many buildings with fully leafed trees interspersed while on the far side (wisconsin) is the roadway and the hillsides completely covered with trees.]

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