Further downstream is Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, Wisconsin, one of the highest bluffs along the river. It's nearly 700 feet (1,202 feet above sea level) above the river.
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July 17, 2013

View from a parking lot in town looking up at the bluff with the flagpole and flag atop it.
[Rock has been excavated at several levels of the bluff so some stone is visible amoung the leafy greenery on the hillside. Trees lining the street in town block some of the bluff from this angle.]

The park atop the bluff has a stone shelter with a fireplace on each side.
The stone was quarried from the south side of the bluff in 1938.
[A light-colored stone fireplace set into a stone wall holding a wooden-beamed roof. The floor is flagstone.]

Looking south at nearby bluffs on the Wisconsin side of the river.
[The bluffs, completely covered in greenery, rise sharply from the river-level plain which contains roads and houses amids the mature trees. The bluffs give the effect of an amphitheater as they encircle the lower level on three sides.]

Zoomed out view of the prior image with the town of LaCrosse on the right.
[Several photos stitched together showing part of the panorama visible from the south end of the bluff.]

View looking northward from the bluff.
Lakes in the foreground and the Mississippi River in the distance.
[Partially zoomed-in view of the lakes and trees sitting just north of LaCrosse. The edge of one bluff is visible on the right side of this panoramic images (several photos stitched together).]

Closer view of city of La Crosse and the homes.
Plenty of mature trees.
[Amid the slightly open spaces between trees are glimpses of homes. In the further distance are the multi-storied buildings in town. Further in the background is the river and the bluffs on the Minnesota side of the river.]

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