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Purposely planted vegetation in Midland.

Mid-August yucca blooms.
[The stalk part of the plant is covered in open white flowers with only a few buds at the top still closed.]

Pink oleander in late July.
[Three five-petaled pink flowers atop long, thin-leafed green stems. The middle of the flowers are also pink.]

A freshly watered rose bush.
[A bloom and rose bush leaves with many water droplets on them.]

Blooms in the back yard in late July.
[These white, five-petaled flowers have the edges of the petals curving inward so they appear star-shaped. Other than that, they are very similar to the oleanders.]

Blooms of the red yucca in late August.
[The blooms on this plant are nothing like the yucca plant at the top of the page. These blooms are small, slender and pinkish in color on a slender stem. Like the other yucca plant all the blooms come off the same stem and there are no 'leaves' on this stem.]

Ornamental grass in late August.
[Ground level view of fuzzy, maroon-tipped approximately 3 foot high fronds coming from stalks of grass beside a stone-paved walkway. A seven-foot wooden fence serves as a backdrop for the grasses.]

Plumeria in late September.
[Three flowers with five white petals with a dusting of yellow at the center. The flowers and long leaves extend from the branches of the tree and touch the brick side wall of the house.]

In certain sections of the housing development are open areas for drainage. All the back yards are fenced, but I noticed this "garden" along one section of fence with a gate in it.
[A row of nearly 5 foot tall spindly green plants with 5-lobed leaves is in a boxed section agains the back side of a wooden fence.]

About two weeks later I saw the blooms on these okra plants.
[Tubular yellow partially-opened buds sit at the top of the green stems with wooden fence boards seen in the background.]

And the okra themselves.
[Growing from the  the top of one stem is a round, green tube which ends in a point at the top end. Other stems and leaves are around it and the yard wall is in the background.]

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