Scenes from the New York Adirondacks
January 20-February 7, 2013

Long Lake from a south shore.
The snowmobile tracks were melting that day.
[The lake vees outward from the shore at this viewpoint. A snow-covered picnic table is at the right edge of the image. The water edges closest to shore are snowcovered except for the area where the snowmobiles have entered the lake when it was frozen. Evergreens are visible on the far shoreline.]

Long Lake from a north shore.
[Most of the ice has melted in this view. A jut of land with evergreens crosses through most of teh image.]

Ice floating on Lake Champlain at the Peru dock.
[A view from the dock such that the shore in on the left and in the far distance. Deep blue water with floating sections of thin ice comprises most of the image. Blue sky fills most of the remainder of the image.]

Bluff Point lighthouse on Valcour Island as seen from the Peru dock.
[The lighthouse sits amid the evergreens on a high part of the island with the top of the building just barely above the tree tops. The light is four stories tall in the middle of a two story house. The lowest level appears built of stone with the next two layers up appear to be red roofing material. The top level with the light is all white.]

Waterfall at Ausable Chasm.
[A multi-level waterfall with significant portions frozen into thick icicles.]

A closer view of the trees in the upper right of the photo above.
[A closer view of the leafless trees with snow piles on all the limbs just above the waterfall.]

I-87 southbound just before the exit leading to Port Henry.
[The highway starts in the lower left heading toward the center then snakes back out of view to the left. Towering above it are tree-topped mountains dappled with snow.]

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