Views along the road in between West Texas to Oregon (New Mexico, Nevada, California)

November 12-15, 2012

View from Interstate 10 rest stop east of Akela Flats, New Mexico.
[A long expanse of pavement meets the horizon where a blue haze covers distant mountains. White streaks of clouds stream across the sky while the sun flashes light onto the scene.]

Goldfield, Nevada.
[Scenic roadside, panoramic view from the south end of the city. There are Joshua trees on the left at the roadside, colorful building/roofs sit on the dirt amid the brown sagebrush. In the background are mountains that appear to be colorful shades of white and purple due to shadows of clouds way overhead (and not seen in the blue sky of the photo).]

Colorful hills south of Beatty, Nevada.
[These dirt and rock mounds are dark brown, tan, white, orange, and a shade of green as they sit above the white-barked yellow-green leafed trees near the side of the road.]

Colorful trees in Northern California along CA-89.
[Forest of red-orangish leafed oaks with a few evergreen trees sticking up among them.]

Mount Shasta from viewpoint along CA-89 in Shasta Nat'l Forest.
[Behind and above a screen of evergreens is a tall, mostly snow-covered mountain. Some strips of light grey rock are also visible. The sky is mostly white clouds although there is a peek of blue.]

Mount Shasta as seen from northbound rest stop along I-5.
[Photo nearly appears to be black and white but it is in color. There is a whoosh stream cloud sitting right above the top of the mountain. The mountain has lots of snow but there is also rock, trees, and ground visible as darkness up and down throughout many parts of the mountain.]

Closer view of the side of Mount Shasta.
[This closer view of the side of the mountain makes it appear there is a sheet of ice covering all that can be seen -- snow and rock.]

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