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late November - early December 2012

A brown pelican eating in Alsea Bay.
[A brown pelican standing in wet sand with a mouth full of shell creatures.]

The pelican is not sharing its meal with the gull.
[Side back shot of brown pelican with bill full of shells and a gull staring at the full bill. Both birds have their feet completely in the water.]

Brown pelican swallowing its meal.
[Brown pelican has swallowed the shells. The bill is empty and several bumps are visible in its long neck. The gull is staring at pelican.]

A black oystercatcher and a sea gull at Harris Beach State Park.
[A black bird with a long, pointy orange beak and orange legs stands in the wet sand. A gull lays on its belly nearby.]

Cormorants on a sea stack at Harris Beach State Park.
[The outline of two birds can be seen atop the rock outcropping surrounding by water. Wave froth is in the foreground.]

Gulls above the waves at Gold Beach.
[The outline of three flying gulls can be seen against and orange sunset sky. Cylindrical ocean waves roll toward the viewer.]

A sunset ride on the beach.
[A path through the sand made by the horses hoofs leads to the water's edge. One horse and rider are still moving toward the water while the other pair sits parallel to the water. An orange stripe of a cloud can be seen in the background sky.]

I nearly stepped on this Northwestern garter snake.
[Partially curved snake in the grass about 3 feet long with a red stripe running the length of its back between two black ones.]

Sparrow near Humbug Mountain.
[Brown bird with brown stripes on its white breast and on its grey head holds a seed in its mouth white standing on the ground.]

Deer in the hotel parking lot in Gold Beach, Oregon.
[Doe with black tipped ears staring at the camera. One ear faces the camera and the other is turned the opposite way. It stands beside a fence post feeder.]

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