Pueblo, Colorado Sunsets

September 21-25, 2013

This greeted me the evening I drove into town.
[Several photos stitched together showing a large cloud mass through whith the setting sun shines through openings in the clouds. Blue sky is seen all around the cloud mass. Top of the clouds are white while the underside is dark grey.]

Closer in view of the above.
[This is zoomed in enough that only minimal blue sky is visible. However, the sun rays coming through the cloud openings are more apparent.]

Zoomed on the above.
[Zoomed in on the prior photo to show the openings in the clouds with the sun rays beaming down on the houses and trees.]

Another section of sky that same night.
[Clouds ranging in color from white to dark blue pepper the sky above the trees on the ground.]

Closer view of the cloud bank. (Reminded me of a steamship ocean liner.)
[Atop a long puffy white cloud are two offshoots looking like steam from an ocean liner. The offshoots are purple blue clouds with only a hint of white.]

More of the cloud color diversity that night.
[A large white topped cloud with pink/purple bottom is behind some horizontal, skinny slate blue clouds.]

The setting sun was just above the horizon.
[The golden orb with rays coming from it top the dark, treed landscape and sends concentric half-circles of color into the sky.]

The setting sun on a different day.
[The sun is small, glowing orb lighting the horizon (trees and houses) with shades of yellow-orange. Two close-in trees are back lit by this.]

Another evening.
[Sun is just at the horizon with semi-circles ranging from yellow to orange flow into the blue sky.]

I liked the orange arc in this image.
[Sun is just below the horizon, but the yellow and orange half circles are still visible as are the four, leafed trees backlit by it.]

Beautiful backlit trees.
[Sun is below horizon but yellow-orange concentric circles light the sky.]

Looks like fire in the sky.
[The below-horizon sun outlines several small clouds making them orange in the center and very bright yellow on the outer edges as if they are on fire.]

A colorful sky.
[The setting sun creates pink underbellies to the clouds as the tops of them are slate blue. This color can be seen through the branches of several trees in the foreground.]

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