Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure Zoo and Museum - Salina, Kansas
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August 17, 2013

A very large white tiger. (Noticeably larger than the orange tiger in another part of the cage.)
[White tiger lying in the grass near the edge of the caged enclosure.]

Cougar (photo taken through glass)
[Close up of the face of one of the two cougars I saw in the enclosure. It's long, white whiskers are clearly visible.]

Amur Leopard pacing the caged area. (critically endangered - only 30-40 remain in the wild)
[Face and part of back and front leg of leopard as seen through the gridded caged area.]

Snow leopard showing its camouflage capabilities.
[Leopard is partially hiding behind a rock and a plant. The plant leaves and its shadows meld into the spots of the leopard.]

Snow leopard has a very long tail.
[Leopard walking in the grass. Its tail looks to be as long as the body and head of the animal.]

East African Crowned Crane
[Bird with black and white face and black, tan, and white body with a red neck and a fanned headpiece.]

[Close up of the head/face showing the fur along the neck and head.]

Feathers of the ostrich. (Head is bent to the ground eating.)
[The body of ostrich with its many long, whispy feathers.]

Chilean flamingo keeping its eye on me.
[Flamingo standing on one leg in the grass with its head tucked into its feathers. However, it's eye is above the feather line.]

One of a pair of black swans.
[Swan on the water. It has grey/black feathers that fan out behind it and a red beak with a white stripe across the lower portion.]

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