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July 3, 2013

The trails are part paved, part boardwalk, and part dirt.
Lots of trees block the sunlight in this section.
[Section of boardwalk through a heavily tree'd section beside water. The multitude of trees blocks the sun and darkens this image.]

This fawn moved fast even though it was close to its mother.
[Very close up image of the body and most of the head of a heavily spotted youngster.]

A different fawn in another section of the preserve.
[This youngster is somewhat larger and its spots are a little less defined. This image is taken from the backside of the animal and part of the head is hidden behind a tree.]

This was one of the larger deer with the fawn immediately above.
[Somewhat skinny deer (ribs can be seen through the fur) looking at the came through the trees.]

One of the turkeys roaming the grounds.
[ Wild turkey standing on a thick branch of a fallen tree.]

Tufted titmouse.
[ A small bird from the underside framed by unfocused leaves. The bird has a grey belly with red under its wings which are slightly outstretched.]

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