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July 3, 2013

Female Eastern pondhawk dragonfly on the boardwalk.
[Top-down view of a female dragonfly with a light green body which has a black and green striped tail section. It's wings are clear with black edges and veins.]

Ebony jewelwing damselfly near the creek.
One of the few damselflies with black wings. The male doesn't have white spots.
[Side view of a dragonfly sitting on a leaf with its wings together above its body. The body is greenish blue and the windw are black with a white spot near the top.]

Grasshopper on the trail.
[Very closeup image of a brown grasshopper sitting on sandy, stony path.]

Tawny Emperor butterfly on a railing.
[A brown butterfly with scalloped edges to its wings. An irregular lined path crosses its wings in black and light tan across the brown background.]

Question Mark butterfly. The white dot near the curved c on its wing identifies it.
Without the white dot, this would have been an Eastern Comma butterfly. Punctuation matters when identifying butterflies.
[Wild turkey standing on a thick branch of a fallen tree.]

A wasp having a snack.
[A small wasp picking at the center of a purple petaled flower with an orange-red large center.]

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