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September 9-10, 2013

Hansen Bridge (several miles upstream of Shoshone Falls on ID-50).
Vehicle on the bridge gives an indication of the size of the bridge supports.
[One short bridge strut rests on a step of the canyon wall while the next one goes all the way down to the river level. The car on the bridge is a small speck on the bridge deck.]

Snake River flowing nearly 400 feet below the Hansen Bridge.
[From this view the river appears to be a stream flowing through rocky ground. Water level is down so much of the rocky riverbed is visible.]

Continuing downstream, one arrives at Shoshone Falls. The sign at the entrance to Shoshone Falls park said the waterfall was dry, and it was.
[A horseshoe-shaped falls area with a 200 foot drop of which nearly all of it was rock. There are several small streams of water falls across the rock, but most of the rock is dry.]

This rock just above the falls appears to indicate the various water levels during the year.
[This rock ledge 6-8 feet high has segments half-way and most of the way up from the water level which are different colors as if the water eroded the rock there.]

The Snake River leading up to Shoshone Falls dam (in lower right).
[At the foot of the canyon walls hundreds of feet high flows the wide Snake River. In this area it curves sharply before reaching the dam in the foreground of the photo.]

Looking downriver from above Shoshone Falls.
[The falls are not visible. One views rock and vegetation in the foreground leading to water snaking through the high canyon walls in the mid and background.]

The area behind the dam.
[A paved area leads to a dock in the waters just behind the dam. One is in the canyon in this area and the walls of it form large

Vegetation just above the dam. Very pretty even though it sends the pollen count sky high.
[Bush-like plants topped with yellow flowers carpet the ground.]

Unnamed waterfall near Shoshone Falls dropping into the Snake River.
[A multi-drop waterfall comes over the canyon wall and down several hundred feet in multiple drops to the Snake River.]

Perrine Bridge across Snake River (downstream of Shoshone Falls)
1500 feet long and 483 feet above the Snake River.
[The entire arch of the bridge is in view as it spans the canyon. the arch supports on either side only go about halfway down the canyon wall.]

Looking downstream from near the Perrine Bridge.
[The river curves from the right coming into view in the center of the image. To the left are many trees at the water's edge while only rock is seen to the left. A road winds down the canyon wall.]

Around the bend downstream from the above photo is this view.
[The river curves into a wide area at the base of the canyon walls. There are many trees and grass in this area as well as several bridges across the water (but not across the canyon).]

Blue Lakes Country Club in the canyon (On right side of river in prior photo.).
[Freshly mowed greens with trees lining the edges. The clubhouse is visible in the background.]

Canyon Springs golf course on left.
[Set on the canyon floor is a golf course beside the Snake River. Plenty of greenery at this level.]

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