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September 9-10, 2013

Snake River. The white spots are large rocks in the river.
[A silver non-arched bridge spans the blue waters of the Snake River. Trees line both sides of the river and large white rocks protrude above the water's surface.]

View of the canyon walls downstream of Shoshone Falls dam.
[Foreground canyon wall is in shadow while the other side is in full sun. Rockslides and intermediate levels of the canyon wall provide a gradual slope to the river in several places.]

Canyon walls further downstream from the prior photo.
[The full sun gives the water a greenish tint in this area. The canyon walls are shades of yellow and brown beneath the blue sky.]

The canyon walls just upstream of the Perrine Bridge.
[The river disappears around a bend in the distance. The sky is so bright the river looks green in this area.]

Pillar Falls in the Snake River (which probably looks more like a falls when the river level is higher).
[The river curves into a wide area at the base of the canyon walls. There are many trees and grass in this area as well as several bridges across the water (but not across the canyon).]

Circled parachutist going for the landing spot on canyon floor.
[Parchutist is circled in the photo and is about 30 feet above the canyon floor. An arrow points to a target on the ground. The target is several concentric circles spray-painted on the ground.]

A powered machine flies to the canyon floor.
[A man is under canopy as he sits in a powered machine flying through the canyon.]

Arrow points to the remains of Evel Kneivel's ramp built for his attempt to cross the canyon in 1974.
[A small dirt ramp sits on the south side of the canyon wall just upstream of Pillar Falls.]

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