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(Close views of the flower buds and blooms.)

Time progression from October 12 - November 6, 2013

October 12
[A tiny, tightly petaled bud peeps from between the stalk and a purplish leaf attached to the stalk.]

October 14
[Buds are now clearly visible and growing up from between the stalk and leaf.]

October 17
[Buds from between the stalk and leaf are separating into the separate globules which will become the individual flowers.]

October 18
[Buds and glofules are clearly purplish as they mature and separate from the main stem.]

October 26
[Buds have clearly separated from the bud stems forecasting just how many flowers will later appear.]

October 29
[First flower petals have matured but are still mostly closed so the outer parts still have a purplish cast.]

October 30
[White blooms with purplish streaks and water droplets on them.]

October 31
[White bloom is opened making all the petals clearly visible even as they hand downward like bells.]

November 6
[Zoomed out view of several dozen flowers nearly completely covering the main stalk.]

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