This is the second page of sunrise and daytime photos in the area around the extended stay hotel I frequented in Jacksonville, Florida. The subsquent pages are sunset images.
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I took this with my phone on my morning exercise route on October 29, 2015.
[A large bank of trees on the right creates a dark patch along with a large truck which has just passed. The sidewalk leads toward a streetlight post which is bathed in yellow and orange from clouds behind it. Portions of the sky above it are pink-orange while the rest of the clouds to the right (away from the rising sun) are light purple with spots of light blue sky visible around them.]

The sun has risen above the horizon and is behind the trunk of this sycamore tree.
November 1, 2015.
[The sun is behind a large sycamore tree and is bright enough that the tree looks dark which highlights the outline of leaves and trunk and the top edges of the neighboring shrubbery. The sky is swathed with a cloud blanket and changes in color from yellow at the horizon to white and grey at the top of the image.]

November 13, 2014.
[The sky is mostly a blanket of clouds which are dark grey with a few spots of light blue towards the top of the image. The closer the clouds are to the treeline, the more pink they are. The trees appear near-black and some are more full of leaves and branches/needles than others.]

The sun is behind the clouds in the distance on February 16, 2015.
[This is a wide-angle view of the sky and the sky fills more than three-quarters of the image. The sky is mostly blue and white. A larger cloud bank close to the horizon is a solid blue-grey. This view looks down the roadway so there are light and utility poles as well as some palm trees on the ground.]

The sun had cleared the horizon, but not yet the treetops on August 14, 2016.
[The horizon including street lamps and billboards are dark against the light sky behind it. The small horizontal clouds nearest the horizon appear to be on fire. Most of the sky is blue, but their are some white clouds higher in the sky.]

Interesting cloud formation just after sunrise on December 1, 2015.
[The sky above the trees is light blue. The cloud are a series of small puffs in a series of concentric lines through which it looks like someone striped light blue paint.]

The rising sun hit the clouds above it in just the right way to create this small prism in the sky on July 17, 2016.
[within a circular opening in the clouds is a small segment of a rainbow. Although there is no arc, all the colors are present. The clouds are bright white]

Storm clouds the afternoon of June 29, 2014.
[Above the palms and utility poles are four graduated colors of clouds ranging from near white to dark grey.]

I thought this dark cloud in front of the white one was quite interesting - June 20, 2014.
[A dark cloud nearly the color of the sky makes it seem like a white cloud behind it is shaped more irregularly than it is. The cloud is nearly an optical illusion because it is so close in color to the sky above the white cloud.]

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