The first three pages are sunrises viewed in Midland, Texas. The subsequentpages are sunsets.
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Whispy clouds the morning of October 4, 2013.
[Above the house tops are clouds which squiggle upward.]

Morning sky the morning of October 5, 2013.
[The sun is at the upper center of the image with its rays flowing between the many clouds in the sky over what appears to be a dark neighborhood (dark because the clouds block most of the sun. The rays almost seem like petals of a flower radiating from the sun center.]

On October 20, 2013, looking westward I saw the setting Hunter Moon...
[In the brightening sky above the house tops lit by the rising sun sits the moon.]

...and looking eastward I saw the rising sun--both in the sky at the same time that morning.
[The sun has just cleared the house rooftops. The rays of the yellow orb brighten the nearby dark home outlines. A half-circle of graduated color from white-yellow to yellow lights the otherwise dark blue sky.]

Several images stitched together to encompass as many small, puffy whites as possible from the morning of October 24, 2013.
[Panoramic view with sunrise and rooftops just visible at the bottom of the image. The rest of the image is a cloud infested blue sky.]

Closer view of the clouds that morning.
[A sea of small white splotches on a blue background.]

Sunrise the morning of October 4, 2013.
[Several photos stitched together expanding the view to the right across the fenced yard. There is little blue sky visible among the melon, lavender, and purple clouds.]

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