The below photos have been added to their respective sections of the web site in January 2018. I assembled them here so you didn't have to hunt for photos scattered on multiple pages.

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At sunset a few days before the full moon, one can see vallies leading to a circular spot in the lower right of the sphere (reminds me of sections of an orange meeting at the top). (December 30, 2017)
[The moon is 'missing' a sliver in the lower left, but is otherwise spherical. There are sections of light grey and dark grey across the sphere with obvious bumpy sections at the lowest edge. Just as the lines of a basketball lead to a center section or the portions of an orange meet at the top and bottom, there is a similar central point with at least five vallies leading to it in the lower right section of this view of the moon.]

Striped sweat bee.
[This bee, perched atop the center of a flower which has all but one of its white petals missing, has a green body with white stripes on its back section. Its wings appear to be brown.]

The underside of what I believe to be a male spring fishfly. Its antennas are comb-like.
[The fishfly is on the outside of a screened window and the camera was on the inside, so there is a screen between the camera and the fly. This photo focuses on the head and upper body  which is upside-down as the fly was crawling down the screen. The antennas are long and have comb-like teeth on the inner portions. Two black eyes stick out from the sides of the head.]

Polka dot wasp moth.
[Side view of a blue moth with white dots on its body and wings. At the end tip of the body is a red section. The leges of this moth are blue with one or two small white sections.]

Yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly.
[A large mostly yellow butterfly with open wings is just about to land on some greenery near a chain-link fence. The outer edges of the butterfly are brown and there are thick brown stripes leading downward from the upper edge of the wings.]

Withered mocis moth (Withered is part of the name and not an adjective I added to the name.)
[A close top-down view of the body of a brown-winged creature on the grass. This moth is triangular with a dark brown spot on each wing. At the outer edges of the wings is a brown section which is slightly darker than the rest of the wing and it has a series of dark brown stripes with dots at the end.]

This mushroom is like a meaty brown leaf on the end of a wide brown stem.
[This mushroom is growing under a bush with needles (not leaves). A wide dark-brown stem leads to one edge of the tan-brown cap which is shaped more like a leaf than a mushroom cap. ]

The spider lily bud (October 20, 2017) holds many blooms (November 3, 2017).
[Two images are spliced together. On the left is green pod atop a stem and a small section is open showing all the blooms-to-be bunched together. The image on the right is the blooms separated, but the petals are still fully closed such that they appear to be white stalks coming from the green stems.]

The flowers will eventually open to look like this. (November 13, 2014)
[Blooms with very long, skinny white petals. They almost appear to be white ribbons.]

Here's a morning glory in the afternoon--both a closed bloom and a bud to the left of it.(October 20, 2017)
[The top of this flower is closed like the fingers in a fist. There is  a slight purple tinge to the top while the rest is white. The bud to the left is small, pointy and still mostly green.]

These morning glories were blooming in the afternoon.(November 16, 2017)
[Two white-purple blooms are fully opened with white ball-topped stamen protruding from the middle. The blooms are dark purple at the center, medium purple at the edge of the bloom and white on the underside and on parts of the petal section. This flower does not have individual petals; they are one continuous surface around the middle.]

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