Pink dragonflies! The male Roseate Skimmer Dragonflies are mostly pink.
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The male Roseate Skimmer has a pink body and appendages.
[A top side view of a dragonfly on a white branch. The dragonfly has clear wings and a pink body.]

In this image it's a little easier to see that the tops of the wings are tinted pink.
[A top view of the same dragonfly, but the background is such that the wing color is more visible. There is a patch of color along the very top edge of all four wings.]

The front half of the male is a purplish pink.
[A side view of a male holding onto a vertical stem while its body is horizontal. Its wings are held forward so one sees the thorax through the clear wings.]

The eyes on the male are a dark purple.
[A front view of a male holding onto a seed pod. Not only are the eyes a dark color, the underside of the belly is a magenta color so apparently only the top half is pink.]

I believe this is a juvenile male who has yet to attain his adult rosy hue.
[A dragonfly holds a bare tree branch which is over my head so mostly the underside of the dragonfly is visible. Its color is greyish red.]

A female Roseate Skimmer.
[A side view of a dragonfly holding a branch which is parallel to her body. She is a tan color with a brown and white thorax and greenish-purple eyes.]

A front view of that same female Roseate Skimmer. Her pterostigma (front sections of the wings) are the same tan color as her body.
[Her head is tilted slightly so we see one eye.]

Female Roseate Skimmer's have a white stripe on their back.
[A side back view showing the tan body with a white stripe along the back which only extends for a few sections of her body and not the entire length.]

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