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This is a great egret. It's nearly as large as a great blue heron and has a very similar body shape, head, and bill.
[A large, all-white bird with a yellowbeak has its head tucked near its body as it stands in the grass at the water's edge.]

Its legs and feet are black.
[This egret stands on concrete blocks with its feet handing over the edge. Its head and neck are extended upward in an ess shape.]

This egret is in deep water, but its body is still dry.
[This egret stands in water such that only the white very tops of its legs are visible. It faces the camera with its head fully extended and turned a little to one side as if it was watching me (and it probably was!).]

A close view of the face.
[Side view of the head and neck. There is a dark patch on the end of the yellow bill.]

The egret with a fish in its bill.
[Left side view of the egret stepping out of the water. It has a fish that's 4-6 inches long tucked between the two halves of its bill near the tip of the bill.]

This egret has a small turtle in its bill.
The turtle has its head up as if to free itself, but it did become lunch.
[Side view of an egret standing in grass with a round creature with a head and legs in the part of its bill closest to its head.]

This egret is eating a crustacean of some sort.
[Close view of the left side of the head of an egret standing in the water. The egret holds a dark large critter between the halves of its yellow bill.]

Readjusting the feathers.
[Side view of an egret standing in grass near the water with its head forward and tucked back into its body as it uses its bill to make some feather adjustments.]

Great egret coming in for a landing at the pond.
[The large, all-white bird has its right wing outstretched with feathers fluttering, its tail feathers fully fanned, and its left wing is curved forward. Photo views the egret from the back side as it is about a foot above the water near the hillside leading down to the pond.]

The egret has two 'levels' of feathers on its wing.
It's more noticeable on the right wing in this image.
[The bird is banking a left turn just above the water. The upper level of feathers on the right wing have partially lifted away from the lower set.]

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