The second of three pages of sunrises viewed in Midland, Texas. The subsequent pages are sunsets.
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Quite the colorful sky the morning of October 25, 2013.
[Power lines and poles and trees are dark stripes in the sea of pink behind them. Above them is a mixture of lue and pink-purple clouds.]

Sunrise view from the front yard that same morning.
Love the kite-tail whisps in this image.
[Above a dark semi-circle of rooftops are horizontal lines of yellow-orange clouds. Above those are pink-purple puffy ones. Several of these have whispy dark masses seeming to come from the bottom as if they are rain which is not coming to the ground.]

Definite color change in the clouds the closer they are to the horizon.
[Above the dark rooftops are yellow-orange clouds on the right(closest to the sun) and orange-pink-purple clouds to the left.]

Zoomed out view from the front yard.
[View from a distance showing less of the rooftops and more of the sky. Clouds are mostly pink with a hint of yellow at the horizon.]

Sunrise the morning of December 4, 2013.
[At the juncture of the dark buildings at the bottom is a very yellow section of sky. Just above it is a pink-red section which contrasts with the blue sky above.]

The same scene just a few minutes later.
[The yellow and red sections merged to become orange and blend into the blue above. This is two images stitched together and are a closer view of the horizon.]

Sunrise on January 8, 2014. I liked the reflection in the house window.
[A swath of yellow dashes across the sky close to the horizon with swathes of pink on either side of it. Rising into the sky are swatches of peachy-pink and purple. The peach color is reflected on a house window in the foreground.]

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