The first two pages contain sunrise and daytime sky photos in the area around the extended stay hotel I frequented in Jacksonville, Florida. The subsquent pages are sunset images.
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February 4, 2016.
[On the right side of the image are tall pine trees which reach nearly the top of the image. The rest of the treeline is only half as high as the pines although the tree on the far left appears larger because it is closer to the camera. The background sky which can be seen through the branches is pink and purple close to the ground with darker purple patches toward the top of the image.]

December 1, 2015.
[The trees and parking lot lights are backlit with pinkish yellow and lilac as a series of colored clouds fills the sky with stripes.The bright yellow of the sun is visible through low limbs of one of the trees.]

November 1, 2015.
[Looking down a 6 lane roadway with the rising sun just off to the right. The street lights are still lit as are the other signs along the roadway. The sun has yet to reach the horizon so the sky is pink and grey close to the ground where the clouds are. The upper part of the sky is a white-blue as the sky begins lightening.]

The same roadway on October 25, 2015.
[This time the sky is full of clouds and the sun has reached the horizon so there is a swath of yellow on the right side of the image. The indentations and edges of the cloud blanket is highlighted so the color varies from yellow to orange to pink purple. The upper clouds are still dark purple with some pink undertones.]

Just a few minutes later that same morning the sky has changed.
[The yellow portion of the prior photo has spread making the sky orange where it has been pink (half the image). Three dark birds are flying at the top of the image where the sky has begun turning light blue at the edge of the purple clouds.]

And the sky color continued to change as the sun cleared the horizon.
[The orange portion of the prior photo is now mostly yellow. Above the yellow are yellow tinged purple clouds with blue sky above that.]

In this zoomed in image of the same scene a few minutes later the double set of clouds is visible.
This area is flat; the purple shapes on the horizon line are clouds.
[The metal posts of the street lights are dark agains the purple-beige clouds in the sky. The sky is full of clouds, but at the horizon are dark purple shapes that might be mistaken for mountains but are actually thicker clouds at ground level.]

The sunrays are visible even though the sun is still below the horizon.
February 16, 2015.
[The rays of the sun are visible above the trees and buildings, but the sun has not yet cleared the horizon. The trees are palms and the sky which is a blanket a clouds has colors ranging from yellow-white to purple-blue.]

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